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Top brands to choose from when you get great TV deals

Televisions have been around for 100 years and a lot has changed since then. To start with, they used to be a few inches large, now you can get television the size of an entire wall of your room. When you see those TV deals, they look very enticing thereby making you want one. If you are eager to ditch your old set and buy a new one, check out the best brands in the market first. The list is given below:

Element electronics
This company is based in Winnsboro, South Carolina and fairly a new player in the market. Since, 2010, it has been manufacturing LED Smart televisions with both wall-hanging and stand-alone options. Their products come with a one year warranty and have Energy Star certification.

You get high-quality products from this brand at an affordable rate. Their HDTVs feature 178-degree viewing angles, amazing pictures and superior audio in a smart package.

Panasonic TVs are ideal for those who stream constantly. The 4K Ultra HD TVs come with built-in Ultra-Smart viewer interface allowing the users to create their own mix of social media, movies, apps and more on the screen.

Sony is known for its extraordinary picture quality and sound quality as well. Every time you turn on a Sony TV, you get a theatre like an experience.

You get to see stunningly real images on a Samsung TV. If you are on a budget, go for the Samsung 4K TV. The curved screen lets every person in the room sitting anywhere enjoy the action with the same bright and crisp colors on the screen.

This company was founded in 2001 and deal with all kinds of electronics and appliance retailing across North America. You would get high-quality Smart TVs, 3D TVs and Ultra HD TVs from this brand.

LG takes color quite seriously which resulted in the OLED series of TVs designed to offer a contrast ratio that ensures quality picture. Moreover, their self-lighting pixels can switch off to give you the ideal black for the perfect contrast.

If you are a movie lover, then Philips TVs are for you. They are razor thin and completely blend into the wall. The laser backlight gives accurate displays and you get immersive sound from the speakers.

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