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Tips to get the best Cyber Monday 2019 deals

Every smart shopper knows that Black Friday deals aren’t the only ones that count; you can just as great, or even better deals during Cyber Monday. This year Cyber Monday falls on the 2nd of December, meaning a scant one and a half months will be all the time you have to wait to get to what you want! Most consumers start creating their lists ages in advance so they don’t waste time browsing on the day off, and Cyber Monday 2019 is all set to have some surprise deals too. Big names like Nintendo and Apple have offers that you absolutely cannot resist, as usual, but there are a whole host of other brands too that will ensure you have a very happy shopping season.

What products are likely to feature in the best Cyber Monday 2019 deals?

If you are looking for the best Cyber Monday deals you should ideally begin your search in departmental stores like Best Buy, but as this year even the smaller retailers are upping the game, it is best to look around carefully and not stick to just one store. While products like the iPhone 11, Amazon Echo Studio and Nintendo Switch Lite will have heavily-discounted prices, there are even deeper price-cuts expected for their previous versions. So, you can get incredibly low rates for the iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and Nintendo Switch.

The PS4 Pro is expected to come for a lower price while the new iPad 10.2 and the Nintendo Switch Lite is likely to be more attractively priced too. Amongst the most popular of the Cyber Monday deals will be the discounts on AirPods as these have quite a strong fanbase even now. Not only can you get huge discounts on items like phones, mattresses, laptops, and small appliances, but you can also expect to get exciting deals on toys as well. At this time of the year, the discounts are more than any other that is offered by toy retailers throughout the year, making them ideal gifting options.

Things to remember about Cyber Monday 2019

Cyber Monday falls three days after the Black Friday sale and together with the latter, it offers American retail stores the biggest opportunity to boost their revenues, just before the year ends. No surprises then why the most enticing offers are kept for Cyber Monday. According to revenue estimates, it was close to $7.9 billion in 2018 and was higher than sales on any other day of the year.

  • While it is understandable that you are keen to make the best of Cyber Monday deals, it is not ideal to wait for the day to arrive when you can already see an attractive sale offer on a product that you want. You are sure to get Cyber Monday-exclusive deals on that day but the top deals may already be out on Black Friday.
  • It is advisable to shop with any cash-back service because these services will give you added savings opportunities with higher percentages just before and after Thanksgiving weekend.
  • You will be entitled to the bonuses even when these devices are on sale-offers. This means that when a product is discounted and you are still eligible for cashback, it is a double whammy for you.
  • While every store will offer its best deal for Cyber Monday, you must check for the price history to be sure the deal is really good enough. For instance, there is a free browser plug-in called Honey that tells you price-history for all products available in big stores like Best Buy and Kohls among others. This data enables you to find whether the product’s price was ever lower than what is on offer, and predict if it will reduce further post-sale.
  • You can also use another browser called PriceBlink that compares prices for you from many stores. So, if you are shopping for any product at certain websites and stores, PriceBlink can notify you if the price for that product is lower anywhere else.

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