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Know more about senior cellphone plans

Thanks to the technology of smartphones, seniors can now enjoy the benefits of easy connectivity. Many manufacturers are now designing cell phones for seniors. Senior cell phones are very much in demand similar to normal phones.

Seniors may not want a fancy smartphone with any extra features that are of no use to them. They may not know or are not bothered about the Android or iOS operating systems. Seniors want a simple cell phone which they can use without any hindrance or help.

Cell phone plans for seniors
It is a good sign that the needs of seniors are taken into account while making cell phone plans. One such popular plan has been from Verizon. Verizon has introduced Verizon Senior 65 plus plan which has been successful in making the right noise.

Under the Senior Cell Phone Verizon talking plan, the user gets 200 minutes for USD 29.99, which he or she can use anytime. Any additional minutes are charged at USD 0.45. Moreover, the user can add one more line for USD 59.99 and a total of 450 minutes can be shared by both the users.

The basic data plan for Verizon senior starts for as low as USD10 a month for 75MB. And it can go up to USD100 for 10 GB. Seniors who want to use the Internet can use the 2GB package for USD30.

The Verizon senior plan is apt for seniors as they have the option of choosing a talking plan or data plan. Most seniors may not want to use the Internet and need a senior cell phone only for calling purpose.

Verizon senior cell phone plans are very affordable and structured. As a wireless carrier, Verizon has even launched some senior cell phones that are specifically designed as per the requirements of seniors. Some of the best senior cell phones launched by Verizon are LG Exalt, Samsung Gusto 3, and LG Cosmos 3. All are flip phones.

Then there are prepaid cell phones for seniors who have a fixed income and want to monitor their usage. One advantage of using a prepaid plan is that there are no hidden fees, unlike contract plans.

The cell phone market for seniors is rising, and more and more carriers realize the importance of senior cell phones.

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