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How to make the most out of a car from an auction sale

When you decide to sell and make a good deal at your end, then an online used car auction sale would be the best place to get what you want and earn more without having to cut off a dealer cut. The best time to sell is when the user demand is higher than the production, so keeping an eye on the tabs would be a smart move. To start with and to make your deal good for the buyer, here are a few pointers to play safe and smart honestly:

  • Estimate: Take a professional opinion of the car’s actual value through online depreciation calculation or through a dealer. Also note the car’s condition, the specs, and the mileage, as all these are crucial for online auction. Compare notes with similar cars that are up for sale so that your asking price is the same as the market price.
  • Quote an amount that is slightly higher than your actual asking price so that the buyer is convinced they are negotiating for a deal and you do not lose on your actual quote. Play the part of the seller if benefits are wanted.
  • Put the price tag depending on how soon you need to sell the car. Because cars that are too long on the market lose their value, and cars that need to be sold instantly need to set up a price slightly cheaper than the market rates.
  • Make the car presentable, don’t cover up, but keep it well maintained and clean.
  • If there are minor repairs then get them fixed, or if there are bigger repairs be transparent with the buyer and make sure your price includes the depreciation value. An over the head price for an overly damaged car will make it harder to sell.
  • Market your car without exaggerating and out up ads in different sites. Don’t rely on one site to get what you want, and don’t take the first offer on the table unless you have tested other deals and made sure it’s the best.

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