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How to get a personal loan from Lending Club

How to get a personal loan from Lending Club

When you need to borrow some money, and a lender lends it to you after discussing over certain terms and conditions, it is known as a loan. The agreement outlines the deadline for repayment as well as interest rates levied on the principal amount. Note that your loan must be secured and you should take it only from a trusted organization.

How to get a loan?

Applying for a loan through Lending Club is easy and fast. You can check your rate at by a simple click and can know what you qualify for. Once you are qualified, you will get lots of loan offers. Select the one you are comfortable with. You will be given an online application form. It will ask you about your income, employment, address and social security number among other important details. Your information will be verified, and if needed they can ask or request you to show some documents as well. Then you will need to wait while your loan is being processed for sanction. You may visit your account to keep a record.

Once your loan is verified and approved and backed by investors, the money will be credited to your verified bank account within four working days. The whole process of application, approval, and funding can take as little as a week’s time or can take as long as 45 days on certain occasions.

Qualifying for a personal loan

To get a personal loan through Lending Club, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the US and must be of or above 18 years old having a verifiable bank account.

While processing applications, evaluation for approval is made by several factors based on the information given by you in your loan application. The lender will also take into account, the information given by credit bureaus about you, your credit score, and if you will make payments on time or not.

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