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Follow these tips to avoid the occurrence of a sleep disorder

Any problems related to sleeping can be treated appropriately after understanding its severity and type. While a chronic condition would require suitable medication based on the consultation with a doctor, an acute condition can be improved upon on your own by making certain changes in your lifestyle. So, here are a few changes that you can include or tweak in your daily routine that will help you to have a normal sleep and stay healthy.

Follow a consistent daily schedule: Include regular exercise, timely meals, and a strict and sorted sleep schedule. Stick to your schedule even if it is a weekend because any changes on the weekend can have a tendency to continue you’re your weekday schedule. Ensure there is sufficient gap between your meals and sleep time so that any related uneasiness due to the digestion can be avoided while asleep. Taking a warm shower before going to bed also has proven benefits of a good sleep.

Limit your intake of mood altering beverages: Sugary foods, caffeine, nicotine, etc., need to be avoided as it can have a mood elevating or stimulating effect. Consumption of alcohol can make you feel sleepier. Hence, all these beverages need to be avoided that can alter the way you sleep.

Involve yourself in physical activities: Physical activities can include stress and anxiety relieving exercises along with yoga, abdominal breathing, and meditation. These are known to have a relaxation effect on your muscles and relieve tension. These relaxation techniques enable stress management thereby translating to better sleep in the long run.

Follow a relaxing bedtime diet: Consume less water and carbohydrates with a gap of at least 2 hours before going to sleep. Incorporate more leafy vegetables and fish which eases the digestion process at night when there is less physical activity.

Have a cozy ambiance in your bedroom: Avoid bright lights in your bedroom and make it silent and cool that can comfort you to fall asleep. You can also try reading a book or listening to soft, soothing music that can relax your mind and calm you down to doze away.

Beyond these, if you think your sleep patterns are abnormal, do not try self-medication with sleeping pills or other supplements. Be wise and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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