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Factors that can cause leg muscle pain

Leg muscle pain is a condition that causes many symptoms like a tingling sensation in the legs, acute or chronic aches and pains during physical pursuits, cramps, and weakness along with a numb feeling. This kind of pain may affect the thighs, the knees or even the ankles and the calves. There are some causes and here is a look at some of the top reasons for leg muscle pain.

Degeneration of the Joints and Muscles: One of the top reasons for all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders remains the degeneration of the bones and joints along with wear and tear of the connective and surrounding tissue. These degenerative diseases include Achilles tendon which affects the flat band of tissue connecting the feet with the rest of the leg, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis which renders the bones hollow and increases the risk of fractures; among many others.

Nerve Damage: These are many conditions that cause leg muscle pain as a symptom or side effect of the same. Diabetes is one such chronic disease which starts to affect the nerves if it is not properly managed. In such cases, the condition is termed as diabetic neuropathy. This kind of nerve damage may also happen in one’s old age, leading to pain and numbness in various parts of the body, including the legs.

Accidents and Injuries: People who are into physically intensive professions like sports, manual labor, and others, may face constant aches and pains because their legs routinely go through many physical rigors. This may cause wear and tear, and in some cases, it may even cause injuries and accidents. These kinds of accidents may happen during a sports performance or any other kind of accident, leading to leg muscle pain.

Thrombosis: Blood clots are one of the first symptoms of deep vein thrombosis. Such a condition can affect the leg and cause much leg pain, especially in the areas where the clots tend to form.

It is a good idea to visit the doctor in case of persistent leg pain, because it may point to any of the conditions outlined above or even other dangerous conditions like peripheral artery disease.

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