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Dos and don’ts while buying electric ranges

Want a perfect fit for your newly refurbished kitchen? You can check out the smooth top electric ranges that are exclusively made to fit the modern style of kitchen. The Ceran-top or induction cooktops have hidden burners underneath a ceramic surface; this feature makes life easy for the user. You can clean quickly and enjoy the benefits of flexibility in cooking a variety of dishes.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for your search of perfect electric ranges:

  • Do specify a budget before you go looking for electric ranges. These ranges may cost you anything between $350 and $2000 depending on your requirement.
  • Don’t unnecessarily exceed your budget for something fancier. Fancy does not mean utility. Buy what meets your requirement.
  • Do measure the space that you have built to fit the electric ranges at home. Residential ranges are usually 30–36 inches.
  • Don’t end up purchasing an item that might be too huge to fit in the designated space.
  • Do take a good long look at all the suitable models be it freestanding, slide-in or drop-in electric ranges before deciding which would be the best for your home.
  • Don’t go for slide-in or drop-in models that are meant for customized kitchens. If you do not have customized space in between cabinets, these models will be redundant for your kitchen.
  • Do have a look at the convenience factor while deciding upon the manual or self-clean oven.
  • Don’t go for complicated electric coil burners that are difficult to clean. If your budget allows cooking ranges with easy-to-clean glass tops, go for it.
  • Do consider the various cuisines that you would like to master. The cuisine and your cooking style can help you decide on the type of oven or convection required for your kitchen.
  • Don’t go for very high-end electric ranges if you don’t intend to use the features regularly. Be it an oven or a convection, unless you use them, investing in those makes no sense.
  • Do look at the control systems and choose the cooking range that is easy to use.
  • Don’t throw go for ranges that don’t support the whole décor of your modern kitchen. Keeping it simple can help you with cooking and also maintain the décor of the space.

Always consider your budget, cooking habit, affordability of fuel, type of burner as per your convenience, and ease of use before buying.

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