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Credit cards for small businesses – Using them wisely

If you are the proud owner of a small business, surely you have been receiving advertisements for business credit cards. Piled on your desk must be pamphlets explaining the advantages of owning a business credit card a small business can use. These must be intensively studied so an informed decision can be taken regarding getting one.

While having a little extra money to spend for your business is certainly beneficial, the borrowing that happens with the use of credit cards must be repaid regularly at the end of the specified time period. An organized list of expenses incurred through the credit card owned by the small business must be available at all times for ready reckoning. To have all the correct details filed neatly would any day be an advantage for small businesses, especially to keep track of all the spending that happens.

In a small organization, credit cards can be had by the proprietor and instead of handing out cash, additional cards can be given to those employees who engage themselves in spending for the business or traveling on behalf of it. A separate card that can be used exclusively for the business will be helpful in making sure that accounting is clear and not mingled with any personal expenditure. With a simple, transparent system that requires all employees to hand over spending receipts on time and a ceiling on the amount of money that can be spent on each card, small businesses can ensure credit cards are not abused.

Efficient use of credit cards by small businesses is entirely dependent on the control exercised by the management and the limits set by them. Also, clear rules help avoid confusion. Like for example, employers can plainly state the expenses that are allowed on the business credit cards owned by the business and ensure alerts are received by them, on their phones or in their emails, when any of the company owned credit cards are used. This type of monitoring will safeguard the small business while at the same time allowing it to enjoy the benefits offered by the usage of credit cards.

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