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Black Friday & Cyber Monday cell phone plans that you cannot miss

It is quite common for phone carrier companies to call potential customers and lure them to change their existing plans. During the holiday season, however, the offers have no limits. Previously, customers had been offered deals by phone carriers that were too good to refuse. While Mint Mobile was seen offering three months’ service at just $20, others were seen giving away free mobile phones.

Although switching carriers or upgrading to a new phone can seem like a hassle, checking out some Holiday Season cell phone plans causes no harm. After all, who knows, you might end up grabbing a deal of a lifetime. So, here are the best Holiday Season cell phone plans offered this year.

Holiday Season cell phone plans by Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile has offered three deals during the Holiday Season sale. They are:

  • 12GB data at $15 per month
    Mint Mobile has some great deals but only for a limited time. Mint Mobile is offering any of its 3-month plans at $15 per month. This means that the largest 12GB data plan can be purchased at $45 for three months. After that, you will have to pay the regular price or you can change the plan. The total savings offered by this plan is about $30.
  • Free service for 3 months on purchasing an iPhone
    This deal is available for a limited time as well. If you want to buy an iPhone, you can get a 3-month service free on Mint’s Medium plan. Mint will also give 8GB data and unlimited talk time for the next three months, regardless of the iPhone model purchased. The maximum savings with this deal is about $105.
  • Free service for 3 months on purchasing Samsung Galaxy
    This is an early Black Friday offer available for anyone who wants to buy any phone from the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. You are promised services from Mint Mobile’s Medium plan for free for the next three months. The maximum savings is estimated to be about $105.

Holiday Season cell phone plans by Verizon Wireless
Some of the best Holiday Season deals offered by Verizon Wireless include the following:

  • A saving of up to $750 on the purchase of a wide range of Android and iPhones when switching to Verizon.
  • A saving of up to 50% on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which include Galaxy S10, S9, Note 9, and Note 10 when switching to Verizon.
  • A saving of up to 55% on purchases of various iPhones, including iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone 8 on switching to Verizon.
  • On switching to Verizon, you can buy an iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and get a discount of up to $700.
  • You can save up to $300 on an iPhone XR when switching to Verizon.

Holiday Season cell phone plans by Straight Talk
Straight Talk offers some of the latest cell phones and no-contract plans with unlimited data, text, and talk time. The best deals offered by Straight Talk during the Holiday Season sales include:

  • On switching to Straight Talk, you can avail a discount of up to $300 on buying Samsung Galaxy smartphones and up to 50% on iPhones.
  • You can also avail heavy discounts of up to 70% on no-contract cell phones by Straight Talk. Online plans are available at Straight Talk’s online store as well.

Holiday Season cell phone plans by T-Mobile
There are several plans offered by T-Mobile during the Holiday Season sale. These include:

  • On joining the T-Mobile network, you can get a second phone free after buying Samsung Galaxy S10 series or Galaxy Note 10. However, the deal is only valid if you join the network and activate both phones.
  • Samsung is offering the Galaxy tab S6 at a 50% discount on activating a new mobile internet connection by T-Mobile.
  • Samsung is also offering a Galaxy tab on activating a new internet line by T-Mobile.

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