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Beginners Guide to Buy the Perfect Bar Stool

If you have a bar at your home, then you would agree on the fact that a bar stool is an essential component in any bar. If you do not have comfortable seating arrangements for your guests or to sit on, the bar loses its purpose.

Bar stools are changing with time. Today there are innumerable varieties of bar stools available in the market, but you need to choose the right one.

These guides will let you pick the perfect bar stool for your bar.

Measurement is the key.
There are mainly two types of stools used in a bar – a bar stool and a counter height stool. A bar stool is around 30-36 inches from the ground, and a counter height stool is around 24-29 inches from the ground. The trick is to make sure that there is a gap of around 10 inches between the stool and the bar counter top. So choose your stool accordingly.

Go with the décor
The design or the model of your bar stool should match the décor of the bar. A classic bar décor will obviously have a classic bar stool design; whereas a modern style bar will have edgy modern designs of bar stools. Moreover, try to buy stools that are space friendly. You need to fit in as many bar stools as it is possible into the counter.

Have a touch of your unique style
Your style is unique, and it is different from every other style in every other bar in the city or even the world. So, while choosing furniture like bar stools, make sure that you have involved your sense of style and taste into it. Whether it’s a little eclectic or edgy or sophisticated elegance, choose the one that goes with your taste.

There are several choices for you, from wood to plastics to metal. Try to stick with the décor and your taste, and you will have the perfect bar stool at your bar.

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