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A brief guide to stair lifts

Another invention that has made mobility easier, stair lifts are now slowly gaining poularity and are also more frequently advertised. Be it in public spaces or private buildings, people are now realizing the benefits of installing stair lifts, particularly for the elder members of the community. However, there are still many individuals who do not know what a stair lift is and/or do not know what to look for when considering buying one.

What are the different types of stair lifts?
A stair lift is a mechanical chair used to lift people up and down the stairs. They are usually used by individuals unable to climb stairs for reasons like leg injuries or weakness due to old age. Stair lifts are a great option for people living in multi-storied homes, especially if they are suffering from problems like the ones mentioned above. Here are the different types of stair lifts:

  • Straight rail stair lift
    A straight rail stair lift is the most common type. They are perfect for a straight staircase and are not troublesome to install as the entire process takes a few hours at most and does not require any prior training.
  • Curved rail stair lift
    Curved rail stair lifts are a custom type of the machine. They require designing and installation according to the staircase in question. Due to its custom make, it can take up to eight weeks to order and install the stair lift.
  • Wheelchair or platform chairlift
    The platform chairlift is described as an industrial apparatus that lifts both the person along with their wheelchair. You will most probably find wheelchair platform chairlifts in large homes or public buildings as they require a larger space.
  • Outdoor chairlift
    An outdoor chairlift is similar to a platform chairlift. The only distinction is that an outdoor chair lift comes with a weatherproofing apparatus for protection from weather changes.

How much do stair lifts cost?
The cost of a stair lift varies depending on a wide range of factors. However, the biggest factor to consider is the distance that the stair lift will be required to cover. Various marketplaces estimate the cost of a stair lift to be between $2,000 to $10,000. This depends on the type of stair lift you install.

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