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4 popular colleges that offer master’s degree in data management

Irrespective of the industry, every organization today has come to realize the importance of data. Whether to analyze business performance or employee productivity or to manage inventory or customer relations, data plays a big role in the making of critical decisions, business strategies, marketing campaigns, and also in the understanding of business growth. All these factors make it essential for an organization to have quality data and highly skilled experts who can collate and analyze this data.

An organization also needs experts who can handle the technical side of data management. With increasing reliance on data, there has been an increase in the demand for people who can provide the necessary expertise in data management. Data management courses at the master’s level provide a person with necessary technical and analytical skills to thrive in the data management domain. If you want to pursue a career in data management, a master’s degree will open doors to this lucrative field. Here are 5 popular colleges that offer data management courses at the master’s level.

Colorado Technical University: The Master of Science in Computer Science – Database Systems program is an online data management course offered by Colorado Technical University. The course focuses on database systems along with covering operating systems software engineering principles, and networking.

Duke University: Duke University offers a Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science, which is a two-year campus program. The course structure is designed towards meeting the industry needs for data scientists who can provide insights backed with data. The program covers database management, machine learning, data communication, statistics as well as data communication, analytical thinking, ethics, and so on.

Merrimack College: Master of Science in Data Science is an online course that covers concepts such as usage of unstructured and structure data, data process elements in the context of organizational data workflow, data management, data engineering and so on. At the end of the course, a student is expected to complete a Capstone project.

Boston University: Master of Science in Computer Information Systems – Database Management & Business Intelligence is also an online course specifically designed for professionals in the information technology field. The course focuses on database and knowledge management that provides the necessary skills that enables the effective application of information technology to business problems.

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